Magnify your financial success today with About Face Cabinetry Franchise.

1/2 the Cost, 1/2 the Time, 1/2 the Mess ®

Why reinvent the wheel when you can buy in the success of an established business?

With a proven business model and in-demand service, About Face Cabinetry has unwaveringly delivered success for each of its franchisees.

The business is simple to operate, has low overhead, requires minimal inventory, doesn’t need a showroom, and has a remarkably high 75-80% sales close rate. Yet, the franchise business gives industry-beating profit margins for a reasonable initial investment.

We take the guesswork out of setting up and running your own business. From comprehensive, industry-specific marketing strategies, unique franchise support services, to exclusive territories, we have you covered.

Our franchise partners are the face of our business and we spare no effort to ensure success for you. With an About Face Cabinetry and Franchise, there isn’t a facet of the business that is left to chance! Interested in learning more? Or want to find out if an About Face Cabinetry and Franchise is a good fit for you?

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Liquid Assets: $75,000
Net Worth: $100,000
Estimated Minimum Initial Investment: $57,450 (including franchise fee)


Standard: $35,000

Royalty Fee: 6% of Gross Sales
Advertising Fee: 1% of Gross Sales


First we determine if your cabinets can be re-surfaced. (95% of most cabinetry is resurface-able).

We can repair or replace any damaged
cabinets without having to replace them all.

Then we re-laminate your existing cabinetry with beautiful durable laminate with your choice of color and texture.

Next we install new matching Doors and Drawer Fronts that you have selected from many different door styles, colors, grain patterns and textures.

Finally we install new hardware. This includes knobs, pulls, new hidden hinges and misc. hardware and add-ons.


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Our unique franchise support system is the distinguishing feature of our franchise. Support is what makes or breaks a franchise business and that’s why it is our core focus area.

A franchise has multiple owners but it’s a single brand and service for the end customer. Therefore, we go out of our way to be there for each one of our franchise partners, no matter the complexity of the problem. We also continue to provide training and other support services throughout the life of a franchise. We have devised robust systems and processes that franchisees simply have to implement. Additionally, we have custom designed an in-depth and comprehensive three-phase training program for our business partners.