About Face Cabinetry: A Remarkable Franchising Opportunity for Florida Investors

9 Sep, 2021
You have seen the pictures. Maybe you even visited one of our show stopping kitchens in person! Now, it is time to start thinking seriously about owning an About Face Cabinetry franchise.

Why Now?

Investors know that it has never been a better time to franchise in the home improvement industry. We have experienced massive growth in 2020/21. People are investing in their houses, building their equity, and seeking cost-effective ways to upgrade their kitchens, bathrooms, and commercial properties. In addition, the real estate market is poised for movement. Smart homeowners recognize that something as simple as upgrading or remodelling cabinets can add incredible value.
That’s where YOU come in! Luckily, becoming a franchise partner has never been easier.

Experience the Ultimate Franchise Process

About Face Cabinetry officially launched in 2007 in Tampa, Florida. Since that time, our trusted, local, fully licensed and insured contractors have successfully turned clients’ cabinet dreams into beautiful realities. And just like our commitment to topnotch workmanship, we are currently seeking equally motivated franchise buyers to grow with.
To qualify, we are looking for entrepreneurial minded individuals who meet minimum requirements. These include having liquid assets of $75 ,000, a net worth of $100,000, and a $57,450 estimated minimum initial investment, which includes the franchise fee.
Our franchising process is simple.
  • Fill out a website form to express interest
    Then, let us take it from there! We will review your application and get in touch.
  • Agree to an in-person or phone meeting
    Have questions? Excellent. Our leadership team has answers.
  • Attend a “Discovery Day”
    There is no better way to understand who we are and what we do than by seeing the operation in action. Join us for a day.
  • Sign on the Dotted Line
    As a valued investment partner, you will be provided with a Franchise Disclosure Agreement (FDD). Now, your ownership is official. Congratulations!

What Can About Face Cabinetry Offer in Return?

Low Overhead Costs
About Face Cabinetry empowers franchise owners. Unlike other franchise opportunities, the overhead to begin is quite low. With a current franchise fee of just $35,000, the bar of entry is accessible to many first-time investors. Those looking to join a team of highly skilled professionals can jump into this business knowing that their money is being well spent. In fact, About Face Cabinetry boasts a 75-80% contract closing rate – outstanding!
High Profit Margins
In addition to desirable profit margins, no showroom is required. What does that mean, practically speaking? Minimal inventory. Buyers can browse cabinets and order direct from YOUR franchise, negating the need for a physical building full of stock. Customers are able to see past projects, place an order, and wait for your team to do the rest.
Comprehensive Training
Lastly, About Face Cabinetry offers a three-phase training program. Franchise owners need only semi-basic skills to get started. You will be given continuous operational support. With full access to our marketing pros, franchise owners have more time dedicated to running a successful business...rather than fret about advertising.
Get in Touch Today!
In conclusion, About Face Cabinetry could be the best Florida franchise you buy and own in 2021 and onwards. To learn more about this exciting opportunity, please call our office at 386-569-5190 for more information, or visit http://aboutfacecabinetryfranchise.com/

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