About Face Cabinetry’s No-Showroom Business Model

17 Sep, 2021

What is a no-showroom business model and why is it successful?
A no-showroom business is a direct-to-customer (DTC) business model where you sell directly to your customers and without having a brick-and-mortar showroom. This is a uniquely different business model than a traditional brick-and-mortar store. You not only save a considerable amount in startup capital, but your operational cost is also considerably lower.

How do customers benefit from this model?
In today’s digital age, a significant number of consumers prefer interacting with their favourite businesses online. The digital medium enables customers to engage with a business instantaneously and at any time.

Even for a business like cabinetry, the entire “showroom” experience is brought to the customer to their location for convenience and content – looking at items where they are intended to be installed rather than in a showroom. The customer convenience a DTC business offers is unparalleled and continuously rising in demand.

Benefits of the direct-to-customer business model for owners
Without having to invest heaps of money in a physical, high-maintenance showroom, either via purchasing or renting premises, the barrier to entry becomes significantly lower. Alternatively, the amount of initial capital that business owners save can be better utilized by creating value for your customers via branding and marketing your business properly.

A DTC, no-showroom business allows you to focus primarily on your customers rather than spending more time on the daily administrative and operational requirements of a showroom.

Shep Hyken, customer service & experience expert, and Chief Amazement Officer at Shepard Presentations says “Show value, create an experience and always strive to exceed customer expectations”. This is only achievable if your primary focus is your customers and the DTC business model truly enables you to do that.

Why an About Face Cabinetry Franchise?

About Face Cabinetry is a no-showroom business model that, through its experienced leadership team, can potentially bring you solid returns on your investment. With our innovative business methodology of delivering the best quality cabinetry in half the cost, half the time, and half the mess, the franchisee can be rest assured that with ongoing support and comprehensive training, they will be able to operate a successful business with confidence.

If you are not sure about the benefits of a no-showroom model, we’ll list down some for you so that you can form a better judgment based on our cautiously researched findings instead of just taking our word.

Benefits of the no-showroom model to the franchisee

  • More Focus on Customers
    With less time spent on stocking a showroom, arranging workforce, managing day-to-day tasks associated with the use of a physical location, more focus can be dedicated to on-site customer experience.
  • Better Management of Finances
    The success of any business is also linked to finances. Oftentimes, with a showroom involved, the management of the store makes it hard to keep track of the finances. With a no-showroom, DTC business you can save time and better manage finances in detail to keep a regular check and balance on your costs, sales, and revenue.
  • More Focus on Innovation
    It makes so much sense when we put this benefit right next to the previous one. Why? Because it is linked. When you are managing less, you have more time and energy to think about how to grow your business more. Work on ideas and plans to make your business more innovative which will give you an edge over your competition - and an edge over competition means more sales, more repeat customers, and more profits.
  • Need of the Hour
    Presently, there is a surge in the marketplace for the no-showroom business model. With the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, almost every business had to adapt and shift to the DTC business model to varying degrees, showing that businesses should always be ready to provide DTC services.
    Considering this recent trend, the no-showroom business model has become the need of the hour. To survive in the present economic climate it is better to adapt to the changing times.


Considering all the benefits, a no-showroom business model allows you to concentrate more on your long-term goals. The time and energy spent on managing a showroom can be better spent on planning, innovation, increasing the value for your business, and better managing finances.

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