Answered! Five About Face Cabinetry Franchising FAQs

11 Jan, 2022
Now that you’re ready to invest in your future with About Face Cabinetry, you probably have a couple of unanswered queries that you’d like some guidance on. With this in mind, we answer five of our most commonly asked FAQs to help you come to terms with what it takes to become an About Face Cabinetry franchisee.

1.  How much do I need to invest?

This is perhaps the question we get asked the most! So, to make things easy for you, the following costs are associated with investing in an About Face Cabinetry franchise:
  • Franchise fee: $35,000 
  • Estimated initial investment: $57,450 (including franchise fee)
  • Royalty fee: 6% of gross sales 
  • Advertising fee: 1% of gross sales 
  • Liquid assets: $75,000 
  • Net worth: $100,000
Hopefully, this will help you to go away and do your sums and ensure you’re clear about the financial commitment associated with investing in our franchising opportunity.

2.  How much do I need to invest?

At About Face Cabinetry, we invite franchisees from a wealth of professional backgrounds to join us. That being said, it certainly helps if you have experience with (and a passion for) working with your hands, as it will prove an asset as you undertake work for your clients. Our comprehensive training covers everything you need to know about launching your franchise and getting started, which takes much of the pressure off from the get-go!

3. Will I make good money from my About Face Cabinetry franchise?

We certainly give you every tool and training to enable this! We have streamlined our franchising model to keep the cost low and the potential profits high. And given the fact that most of your work involves very few materials, the profit margins are potentially very lucrative. Ultimately, when you show your clients that you can save them thousands of dollars on their kitchen or bathroom upgrade, it’s pretty difficult for them to say no!

4. Will I get any support from About Face Cabinetry?

100% yes! Although franchising is an excellent opportunity for you to work on your own and be your own boss, we certainly won’t hang you out to dry! From day one, we provide comprehensive training and onboarding so that you’re well prepared for the launch of your business. Then, when you’re up and running, we provide ongoing support and assistance to help you make the most of your franchise.

5. How do I get started?!

If you like the sound of taking control of your future and investing in a growing franchise that enables you to work with your hands to your own schedule, then we would love to hear from you! Now that you’re on our franchising website, you can get in touch by contacting us here, or you can call us directly on 386-387-3802.

Be sure to also run through our blog to find out more information about the About Face Cabinetry franchising opportunity, as it will help you answer any further questions that you have.

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