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Five Traits Every About Face Cabinetry Franchisee Has in Abundance!

If you think you’re just the person to join the About Face Cabinetry team, we hope you’re right! But to give you an insight into some of the traits that we’re looking for in people, …

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What is Cabinet Resurfacing and How Does it Save Money?

You might have heard about cabinet resurfacing and the potential benefits that come with it. At About Face Cabinetry, we have refined our processes over the years to ensure we offer our clients the best possible value. But what exactly does it mean to resurface a cabinet? And does it …

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How Much?! Refacing – Not Replacing – Your Cabinetry Can Save Thousands of Dollars. Here’s How.

American homeowners love home improvement projects. After all, when you’ve invested so much in your home, keeping it in great shape is important if you want to maintain its value. In fact, recent statistics highlight that Americans spent $420 billion on home improvement projects in 2020 alone – a booming …

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Why America’s Love for Home Improvement will Serve You Well as an About Face Cabinetry Franchisee!

In the period between 2017 and 2019, American homeowners spent an incredible $522 billion on home improvement, which totaled around 115 million projects. What’s more, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, homeowners have been looking for ways to improve their properties without spending vast sums of money. This is evidenced by …

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About Face Cabinetry: To Franchise or Not to Franchise, That is the Question!

Franchising isn’t a new concept, and it’s something that has been around for a long time. And any aspiring entrepreneur has probably flirted with the idea of franchising from time to time, particularly as a viable alternative to setting up a new business. So, if you find yourself currently sitting …

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Four About Face Cabinetry Franchising Myths Well and Truly Busted!

There’s an awful lot to love about franchising with About Face Cabinetry, but there are also lots of myths circulating about what it’s really like to own your own franchise. So, to clear things up for you and ensure that you’re armed with only accurate information as you start your …

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