How Much?! Refacing – Not Replacing – Your Cabinetry Can Save Thousands of Dollars. Here’s How.

17 Feb, 2022
American homeowners love home improvement projects. After all, when you’ve invested so much in your home, keeping it in great shape is important if you want to maintain its value. In fact, recent statistics highlight that Americans spent $420 billion on home improvement projects in 2020 alone - a booming industry. Quite the feat! 

We also know that the most sought-after remodeling projects in the US are carried out in the bathroom and kitchen, with 43% of homeowners saying that they could ‘no longer stand their old kitchen.’ In addition to appliances and new flooring, the cost of replacing kitchen cabinets is one of the most significant. 

According to Home Advisor, it can cost up to $9,169 to replace kitchen cabinets (typical range) but may even go as high as $21,000 if you’re looking for high-spec frontage for your newly remodeled kitchen. Of course, you can choose stock materials, semi-custom cabinets, or 100% customized cabinets, which will also affect the price you pay. 

You will also have to consider electrical costs, drywall patching, plumbing fixtures, and painting and decorating after the cabinets have been stripped out. This can add thousands of dollars to your bill, as well as time and hassle that you just don’t need.

With this in mind, is there an alternative to buying new kitchen cabinets? Of course! 

Refacing your kitchen cabinet will save thousands of dollars. 

The same Home Advisor article tells us that refacing cabinets will save up to 50% on a new installation while providing your kitchen with a stunning, newly updated look. By refacing your cabinets, you will immediately save money on materials, hardware, and labor. But you also don’t need to worry about the additional costs that rack up as a result of a brand-new installation, as mentioned above. 

Instead of forking out tens of thousands of dollars for the latest high-spec cabinets for your kitchen, you can get in touch with one of our refacing experts who will bring your current cabinetry back to life. You can then spend the money that you save on new appliances, furniture, or other bits and pieces for your brand new kitchen. 

Another thing worth noting is that refacing your current cabinets is considerably more environmentally friendly than buying new cabinets. You won’t need to order new cabinets that have been manufactured under industrial conditions, and you won’t contribute to landfills by taking your current cabinets to the dump. 

The bottom line: refacing cabinets will save you thousands of dollars and is much better for the environment. And crucially, the outcome is just as aesthetically pleasing as installing brand-new cabinets. 

We have built our business around a simple concept: refacing cabinets results in ½ the costs, ½ the time, and ½ the mess when compared to new cabinet installation. This is something that distinguishes About Face Cabinetry from the rest. 

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