The Key Factors to Look for in a Cabinetry Franchise Business

24 Sep, 2021
When choosing a franchise, the number one factor to look for is the right 'fit.' Choose a franchise that allows you to build your business on your terms! 

Look for a company that has a well defined and documented process that is also streamlined. A good, general indicator to look for when it comes to highly optimized and efficient processes is the use of technology. 

Cabinetry businesses have enjoyed much success over the last few years. They’ve been particularly good as franchise businesses, earning them a place as one of the more profitable franchise options. 

If you're considering buying a cabinetry franchise, look out for these 3 factors to increase your chances of success:

Proven Processes

  • Proven track record of successful sales: When you own a franchise, you get a chance to capitalize on the success of an established brand. Therefore, looking at historical revenue numbers can be very telling within this industry segment. . Look out for any trends forming and how well have other prominent franchise outlets been doing in the medium to long term. 
  • Repeat business and referrals: When you choose a franchise, look for one that will bring in recurring business. This provides a good baseline income allowing you to focus on new customer acquisition and marketing initiatives to expand your company. Satisfied customers will happily recommend your services to family and friends.About Face Cabinetry is an exceptional example of a business delivering incomparable customer satisfaction and retention. It boasts an impressive 75-80% sales close rate and a remarkable 90% customer retention rate. This is a solid testament of their “business formula” and a positive sign for any future franchisees of their business.  
  • Profitable business model: Look for a franchise with a profitable business model. We are talking about profit margins. A business might get high revenue, but if it manages to inflate its overheads and operational costs then it’s not an efficient one. About Face Cabinetry’s unique, no-showroom business model makes it relatively simple to run compared to other cabinetry businesses. The advantage of their unique business model is low overheads and minimal operational costs due to low inventory stocking and now showroom-related costs such as rent and staff.

Effective Marketing Strategies

By utilizing a variety of media channels, you can ensure that your cabinetry service is known well by your target audience. About Face Cabinetry provides advertising and marketing support to its franchisees.  For a franchise cabinetry business, it’s best to look at the reputation of the brand you are considering along with the brand's personality. These are two important factors because an established and respected brand shows a past track record, while a good brand personality is what keeps a business evolving and improving.

Streamlined Service Techniques

The franchise you choose may be the most important determinant of the success of your cabinetry business.  It's critical to work with an established brand to benefit from its expertise, industry know-how, and support system. Having a streamlined service delivery process is perhaps the most important factor for success. In cabinetry, most customers expect exceptional service at a reasonable price. 

About Face Cabinetry’s mainstay is delivering complete cabinetry services in half the time, half the cost, and half the mess compared to other services in the industry. They make sure that their projects are performed to the highest possible levels of quality and craftsmanship. 

With an About Face Cabinetry franchise, success is highly likely to happen for you as you adhere to their level of service quality standard and implementation techniques.


When buying a Cabinetry franchise business, success is as much dependent on the franchisee’s business acumen, background, and motivation as it is on the franchise itself.

With an About Face Cabinetry franchise, any entrepreneur willing to put in the time and effort can confidently rely on the concrete support system of the brand.

To learn more about an About Face Cabinetry franchise, visit or call (386) 387-3802.

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