Five Traits Every About Face Cabinetry Franchisee Has in Abundance!

15 Mar, 2022
If you think you’re just the person to join the About Face Cabinetry team, we hope you’re right! But to give you an insight into some of the traits that we’re looking for in people, here are five characteristics that our current franchisees have in abundance. 

Can-do attitude 

When you’re tasked with refacing cabinets, one of the most important characteristics to possess is a can-do attitude. Being proactive and solving problems will help you enormously when you’re interacting with clients and looking for ways to save them time, money, and hassle. If you’re possessive of a can-do attitude and are motivated to succeed, then continue reading! 

Skill with hands 

It stands to reason that you need to be good with your hands to succeed as an About Face Cabinetry franchisee. Whether you have experience in the building trade or are particularly useful when it comes to DIY projects around the house, being skilled with your hands is definitely a pre-requisite for franchising success. While we provide you with comprehensive training and support at the start of your journey, it’s important that you’re confident and assured when working with your hands.

Excellent work ethic 

To get the most out of our franchising opportunity, you need to work hard. The harder you work, the more clients you can get under your belt, and the more money you can earn. Hard work is essential for success in all walks of life, and franchising with About Face Cabinetry is no different. 


As a franchisee, you don’t have a boss breathing down your neck telling you what to do and when to do it. While this is incredibly liberating, it’s also important that you’re self-motivated to do your work. After all, if you lack the motivation to show up for a job, it’s your bottom line that will suffer as a result. All of our successful franchisees are self-motivated and hard-working, often going the extra mile to get the job done for their clients. 


It’s impossible to succeed as an About Face Cabinetry franchisee if you’re not good with your clients. You need to be approachable, eager to impress, and committed to your work, as maintaining excellent relationships with your clients is fundamental to your success. Much of your business will come through word of mouth and personal recommendations, so it’s vital that you're personable and friendly with all of your customers. 

Are you a good fit for About Face Cabinetry? 

If you feel like you share these important traits, then now is a great time to take your first steps on your franchising journey. Get in touch with us via our franchising website or call us directly on 386-387-3802 to get started today. 

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