What is Cabinet Resurfacing and How Does it Save Money?

10 Mar, 2022
You might have heard about cabinet resurfacing and the potential benefits that come with it. At About Face Cabinetry, we have refined our processes over the years to ensure we offer our clients the best possible value. But what exactly does it mean to resurface a cabinet? And does it really save you money? Let’s find out below. 

Cabinet resurfacing: Explained 

Cabinet resurfacing, sometimes called refacing, is a way to transform the look, style, texture, and feel of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. About Face Cabinetry resurfacing experts visit your home and analyze how best to upgrade your current cabinetry, meaning you don’t have to fork out tens of thousands of dollars on brand-new units.  Typically, resurfacing will incorporate one of the following: 
  • Laminate 
  • Rigid thermofoils (RFTs) 
  • Wood veneers 
Whichever type of resurfacing method you opt for, it will look like brand-new cabinetry. Simultaneously, the hardware can either be replaced or restored, and the doors, drawer faces, and side panels will be replaced or upcycled. 

The entire resurfacing project will result in significantly less hassle and mess, as there’s no need to gut your kitchen and redecorate after the work is complete. Resurfacing cabinetry is an excellent way to breathe new life into your tired kitchen without worrying about the expense typically associated with kitchen upgrades. 

The cost-saving benefits of cabinet resurfacing 

As well as providing you with a beautiful new kitchen with a fraction of the effort and mess, refacing cabinets saves you a lot of money. You may have noticed that we guarantee that resurfacing cabinets results in ½ the time, ½ the cost, and ½ the mess when compared to installing new cabinets. What’s more, Home Advisor estimates that resurfacing your current cabinets can save you as much as 50% of the price of brand new kitchen cabinets. 

But where are the savings made? 

Cost of materials 

The bulk of the cost-saving is in the price of the cabinets themselves. When you order brand-new kitchen cabinets, you can expect to pay anywhere between $5,000 and $20,000 for decent quality units. This is a huge financial undertaking and takes up the majority of your budget. 

Cost of labor 

Next, the installation of new kitchen units will require a significant financial investment. You will need to pay someone to remove and dispose of your current cabinets before installing the new units. Ultimately, this takes a lot of time and will result in high labor costs as a result. 

Cost of repairs 

Finally, when you gut your kitchen and remove the old cabinets, you will make a lot of mess. At the very least, you will need to pay to repair the plasterboard, and you will probably need to redecorate the kitchen. It goes without saying that this will add to the cost of your home improvement project. 

The bottom line 

Resurfacing your existing cabinetry makes sense from a financial and efficiency perspective. Instead of ripping out your old kitchen and dealing with the hassle and mess that comes with it, you can reface your current cabinetry and enjoy similar results with half the cost, half the mess, and half the labor. 
About Face Cabinetry franchisees have been helping people save money on their kitchen improvement projects for years now. If you’d like to find out more about our cabinetry resurfacing or are interested in our franchise, get in touch with us today on (386) 387-3802. 

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