About Face Cabinetry Franchise: A proven business model

1 Sep, 2021

About Face Cabinetry is a creative way to spruce up your kitchen without breaking the bank.
The business can reliably upgrade your kitchen cabinets in half the cost, and half the time compared to traditional cabinetry methods.
This unique competitive advantage has enabled About Face Cabinetry to experience stellar business growth springing from intense demand.
It’s truly exciting to know that the company is on a launching pad to blast off and become really big! To do that, About Face Cabinetry is sharing its extraordinary success with the right franchisees via franchising. The terms, as of yet are extremely lucrative for any savvy business person to take an early-movers advantage.
The owners and franchisors of About Face Cabinetry have extensive experience in this field and it shows via their flagship locations which are exemplary in the industry.

What makes About Face Cabinetry unique?
Forbes states that the remodeling cost of a small kitchen (10x10), minus appliances is roughly $9500. Cabinetry and cabinetry installing costs are the most significant components of this sum.
About Face Cabinetry has managed to slash this figure by half!
Not to forget the also significantly improved turnaround time and minimal mess during installation.

Why is an About Face Cabinetry franchise so lucrative?
As a potential franchisee, you might be interested in knowing what makes an About Face Cabinetry franchise appealing for your next business venture.
For one, it is an established business with a reputable brand that is fast becoming widely renowned.
Its products are in high demand, while the company’s business processes are extremely refined and optimized.
The company has a proven recipe for business success that it leverages for its partner franchisees, so the cherry on top is the financials.
When compared to industry standards, the initial investment required to start an About Face Cabinetry franchise, which includes the franchise fee, is relatively low at $87,450.
And so is the royalty fee of only 6% of Gross Sales.
However, the profit margins being realized by About Face Cabinetry franchisees are anything but low and go up to 45%.
These figures, coupled with high-profit margins mean a short payback period on your investment - any franchisee's dream!

All in all, About Face Cabinetry franchise is an exceptional business partnering opportunity. With all the critical success factors present, the brand, the products and services, the demand, and the financials, it really is a no-brainer investment opportunity.
However, the most critical success factor that About Face Cabinetry has absolute mastery in – something perhaps underrated by most, is franchisor support.
Some of the areas that About Face Cabinetry offers support in:

  • Exclusive Territories for its Franchisees
  • Comprehensive Training
  • Operational support: including sales techniques, customer service compliance, pricing strategies, administrative practices, and much more.
  • Marketing Guidance
  • Field Support
Therefore, potential franchisees with the right background will find this opportunity extremely appealing. Potential franchisees with prior experience in construction, home remodeling, interior design and makeovers, cabinetry and installation, hardware stores, and similar are an ideal match for this franchise opportunity.
Following are some of the franchise territories available in Florida to consider:
  • Orlando
  • Lakeland
  • Breadenton
  • Ft. Myers
  • West Myers
Get in touch with our franchise experts to see if an About Face Cabinetry Franchise is the right fit for you! We're with you every step of the way as you explore the face of this great opportunity.

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