About Face Cabinetry: A Process-Driven Florida Franchising Opportunity

12 Nov, 2021
Since 2007, About Face Cabinetry has been saving Florida residents time and money on their home improvement projects. Throughout this time, we have refined and adapted our process to ensure it is efficient, replicable and profitable. 

Focusing on our process has enabled our franchisees to enjoy a 75-80% sales close rate, with a fraction of the typical overheads associated with other franchising opportunities in the industry. 

The result? More profit potential.

Below, we explain some of the benefits of our process-driven business model in more detail and showcase why an About Face Cabinetry franchise might just be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Exceptional Brand Reputation

Our franchisees benefit from the fact that About Face Cabinetry’s business model has been tried and tested for more than a decade. We have been serving Florida residents since 2007 and have developed a stellar reputation for saving our customers time, money, and mess. You can listen to what Kristy Knight from Magic FM thinks about our service here, for instance.

Low Operational Costs

About Face Cabinetry’s model is perfectly suited to franchising. Our franchise partners don’t have to rent a showroom, needn’t carry a large inventory of stock, and aren’t beholden to excessive royalty fees (our franchising royalty is just 6% of gross sales). This provides you with the perfect platform from which to build a successful and profitable franchise without needing to break the bank.

Unrivaled Customer Service

A business has zero chance of sustained success if it doesn’t invest in customer service. At About Face Cabinetry, we pride ourselves on providing exemplary customer service in all aspects of our work. From providing a detailed written quote within 24 hours to liaising with clients at jobs, our franchisees do an excellent job of promoting the About Face brand and spreading the benefits of our service via word of mouth.

A Business Model that Won’t Go Out of Fashion

When your entire business model is built upon the premise of saving customers time, money, and hassle, it’s fair to say that it will never go out of fashion! After all, home improvement projects are often prohibitively expensive, which causes homeowners to look for alternatives and potentially undertake DIY projects that they’re not comfortable with. But About Face’s unique approach to restoration will always appeal to customers looking to save themselves some money. By becoming a franchise partner, you are investing in an approach that will stand the test of time.

What Else Should I Know About Your Franchise Offer?

There’s little doubt that About Face Cabinetry provides an excellent value proposition for potential investors, thanks to the process-driven nature of our operations. If you’re interested in an About Face franchise, you should be aware of the following costs:
  • Franchise fee: $35,000 
  • Royalty fee: 6% of gross sales
  • Marketing fee: 1% of gross sales 
  • Liquid assets: $75,000 
  • Net worth: $100,000 
  • Estimated minimum initial investment: $57,450
If you’re ready to take your first step towards becoming an About Face Cabinetry franchise partner, we’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch with us today – 386-387-3802 – or visit our franchising website for more information.

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