About Face Cabinetry’s Alluring Promise to Potential Florida Franchisees Explained

19 Nov, 2021
When you’re considering investing in a franchise, you want to be confident that your money will be well spent. But ultimately, buying a franchise can be a risk, particularly if you’re buying into a franchise without a proven track record of success. 

But the good news for potential investors is that About Face Cabinetry is a proven, successful, Florida-based business with hugely exciting growth potential. 

What’s more, the franchising model is so simple to understand for potential franchisees and is based upon this simple yet incredibly effective promise: 

½ the cost, ½ the time, ½ the mess. 

So, what does this promise mean in practice? Let’s find out. 

½ the cost 

Did you know that 95% of cabinetry is re-surface-able? So, even though your clients’ cabinets might look weathered and entirely beyond repair, About Face Cabinetry franchisees will first ascertain whether they can be restored to their former glory. 

And this is where the cost-saving comes in. Instead of having to fork out thousands of dollars for brand new cabinets, About Face Cabinetry franchisees have the skills to repair and improve their clients’ cabinets, saving them at least half the costs associated with buying new cabinets. 

This frees up funds that can be spent on other home improvement projects. 

½ the time

Consider for a minute the time it takes to choose and install new cabinets. Your clients are likely to begin their search online, then will probably want to visit several showrooms to take a look at the cabinets in real life before settling on their choice. 

They will then be faced with long turnaround times as their cabinets are prepared, which can take weeks, if not months, until their cabinets are finally ready to be installed. 

But About Face Cabinetry’s model is much more time-efficient. Depending on a franchisees’ diary, you can potentially start work within days of being contacted. 

Essentially, this means your customers’ cabinets will be restored within a fraction of the time it would take for new cabinets to be ordered, delivered, and installed, further adding to the allure of the About Face Cabinetry offer. 

½ the mess 

You can’t begin to imagine the mess associated with removing old cabinets from a kitchen or bathroom. In most instances, a client would have to hire someone to smash them out, which can cause damage to appliances and walls. 

What’s more, your clients would then have to hire a skip to dispose of the old cabinets before cleaning and probably redecorating the kitchen or bathroom before the new installation. 

Conversely, our business model guarantees next to no mess is left behind. Our skilled franchisees treat the cabinets on-site and ensure minimal mess is made. 

When people realize the ease at which their cabinets can be restored and the lack of subsequent mess, they’re unsurprisingly motivated to restore their old cabinets instead of buying brand new ones. 

Learn more about our franchising opportunity today

It’s hard to argue with a franchising model that delivers on its promise to save time, money, and mess while providing you with the opportunity to grow and evolve your business and be your own boss! 

About Face Cabinetry is one of Florida’s most attractive up-and-coming franchising opportunities, and we would love to welcome you on board. You can reach out to us on (386)387-3802 or get in touch via our designated franchising website.

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