3 Ways Cabinetry Resurfacing Businesses are Good for the Environment

26 Nov, 2021
If you're looking to join an industry that's good for the environment, cabinetry refacing is  probably not the first thing that jumped to mind. However, it actually makes for one of the most  eco-friendly options out there! 

It's a field that is only growing, especially with the recent increase  in home improvement projects. That means there are even more opportunities for individuals to  join an industry that's environmentally friendly! Here are 3 ways cabinetry refacing is good for  the environment.

1. Less Waste 

Most people think that when you resurface cabinets, it's the same as replacing them. But in  reality, all you're doing is coating old surfaces with new materials! That means there isn't any  waste involved in this process. As a business owner you can deliver a final product that will look  better than before without squandering resources. It also reduces the chance of materials ending  up in landfills!

2. Longer Lasting 

Resurfacing not only changes the shape and style of your cabinets, but also addresses any issues  with function and structure. Professionals can replace or repair any cabinets that are damaged  without having to replace the whole row, providing an update that will last longer. Owning a  cabinetry resurfacing franchise means completing work that will endure, which helps reduce new  production. 

3. Helps Save Trees 

Most cabinets are made of solid wood because it's a durable material that lasts. Prolonging  cabinets' life with resurfacing helps lower demand for more lumber, which lessens environmental  impact. As an owner of cabinetry business you will help reduce deforestation in order to provide  homeowners with more sustainable options for their kitchen updates.

Cabinetry Resurfacing Businesses Make a Difference 

If you're looking for an environmentally friendly business, then cabinetry resurfacing could be  just what you need! It’s rewarding work that betters the lives of homeowners with some  sustainability in mind. Get started with training, guidance, support, and a proven business model —partner with About Face Cabinetry!

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