Four Reasons Why About Face Cabinetry is Built for Franchising Success!

2 Dec, 2021
What makes a business a successful franchise? At About Face Cabinetry, we believe there are several things that contribute to franchising success. We’ve built a unique business model that saves people money, is cost-effective to run, and is backed by a long-established brand that is trusted throughout Florida. With this in mind, we introduce you to four key reasons that explain why we believe About Face Cabinetry is built for franchising success.

You will save your clients thousands of dollars (without even trying!)

Customers love nothing more than saving money. And About Face Cabinetry’s entire business model is based upon this very concept. Our franchisees save their clients thousands of dollars on their home improvement projects without even trying! Merely by carrying out our unique service, we’re able to pass on huge savings to our clients, which is why we have been able to develop such an impressive reputation over the years.

 You are likely to win 80% of your proposals 

When you quote for a job with your clients, you will blow them away when you explain how affordable our service is. Typically, About Face Cabinetry franchisees win around 80% of the proposals they make, owing to the impressive savings that they present to homeowners in Florida. When clients realize they don’t have to rip out their entire kitchen and save thousands of dollars in the process, it’s little surprise that they’re eager to take you up on your offer!

Your overheads are minimal

At About Face Cabinetry, we have based our franchising model on a no-showroom concept. While showrooms certainly have their advantages, we see them as unnecessary overheads that eat away at your bottom line. About Face Cabinetry is very much a mobile business, and you can take your offer directly to your clients. The result is extraordinarily low overheads and a bottom line you can get on board with! The sustainability and scalability of the About Face Cabinetry model is something that is integral to our franchising success.

You are working with a brand that people can trust

We have been serving the good people of Florida since 2007 and have built a stellar reputation in that period. We know what people want when it comes to home improvement, and we have refined and improved our business model to reflect this. The result is a brand that people know they can trust. For franchisees, this is crucial. Promoting your business backed by the About Face Cabinetry brand enables you to work with a broad range of clients and keep your planner full.

Invest in About Face Cabinetry Today

Our franchising offer is a wonderful opportunity for Florida-based entrepreneurs to take advantage of. If you enjoy working with your hands and like the idea of making money (who doesn’t?!), then we’d love to hear from you. You can get in touch via our dedicated franchising website or connect with us directly by calling 386-387-3802.

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