About Face Cabinetry: To Franchise or Not to Franchise, That is the Question!

2 Feb, 2022
Franchising isn’t a new concept, and it’s something that has been around for a long time. And any aspiring entrepreneur has probably flirted with the idea of franchising from time to time, particularly as a viable alternative to setting up a new business.

So, if you find yourself currently sitting on the fence and are unsure about whether franchising is for you, we have decided to answer the Shakespearan question - to franchise or not to franchise - in this article and explain why it might just be the opportunity that you’ve been waiting for!

To franchise:

While every entrepreneur is different and has unique skills and attributes, we believe that franchising is the perfect opportunity for those looking for the following characteristics and traits in their professional lives:
  • The opportunity to nurture and grow a business venture with less risk when compared to starting a business from scratch
  • A flexible work schedule that allows you to strike the perfect work-life balance 
  • The chance to become financially independent and to make an excellent living 
  • The benefits of being supported by professionals who have been there and done it before you 
  • The dream of becoming your own boss and being responsible for your own work pattern and projects 
  • You’re  excited about the prospect of building up an exclusive territory and winning new clients
About Face Cabinetry franchisees have enjoyed these myriad benefits of franchising and more, as they have helped our business grow and evolve since its inception. And we’re super excited to be offering more exclusive territories to potential franchisees now that 2022 is underway.

Not to franchise:

While we firmly believe that franchising is a wonderful way to grow and evolve your career, it’s certainly not for everyone. Here are some of the reasons why you might not be well suited to investing in a franchise:
  • You don’t have the financial means to cover the initial investment 
  • Above all else, you want to create a brand-new concept and launch your own business idea from scratch 
  • You want an easy ride and don’t want to take responsibility for your personal development
Franchising has the potential to transform your life, but you need to make sure it’s a good fit with the lifestyle you want to lead. If it’s not for you, then that’s perfectly okay, but it’s important that you’re honest with yourself before making a commitment to your new venture.

Franchise with About Face Cabinetry Today

If you believe that franchising aligns with your career aspirations, then we have the perfect franchising opportunity for you! We have several exclusive Florida  territories up for grabs at the start of 2022, and we’re looking for dedicated entrepreneurs to join us. For more information about our franchising concept, you can visit our website, or please feel free to call us directly on 386-387-3802 if you have any specific questions you would like us to answer.

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