About Face Cabinetry’s Franchising Opportunity: Fact or Fiction?!

5 Jan, 2022
Because there are a wealth of myths surrounding franchising, we wanted to clear some things up for you regarding our exciting franchising offer. That’s why we’ve put together a list of statements that we have branded as fact or fiction to provide you with a much better insight into what to expect when you invest in About Face Cabinetry.

I need to work 24/7 to earn good money as a franchisee. Fact or fiction?

Fiction! Yes, you need to work hard as an About Face Cabinetry franchisee, but the margins involved in your work mean that you don’t have to work every hour under the sun to turn a profit. What’s more, our no-showroom-based operating model enables you to keep your overheads low, protecting your bottom line in the long run.

I get to develop my own schedule and be my own boss. Fact or fiction?

Fact! When you invest in an About Face Cabinetry franchise, you essentially become your own boss. No longer are you beholden to the demanding and unreasonable project timelines set by your manager – you’re in total control of how much work you take on and when you deliver it. This is a totally liberating feeling and is a huge draw for many of our franchisees.

Refacing cabinets cost a similar amount of money to installing new kitchen cabinets. Fact or fiction?

Fiction! Our resurfacing service typically saves homeowners thousands of dollars, as refacing existing cabinetry costs approximately half the price of new kitchen units! As soon as customers learn of the cost-saving potential of refacing, they’re almost always keen to know more.

I am likely to win around 80% of the client proposals I make. Fact or fiction? 

 Fact! Although we can’t offer you a guarantee, we’ve found that our franchisees typically win approximately 80% of the proposals that they make to their clients. The reason for this is that homeowners are simply blown away by the incredible time and cost savings that refacing cabinets afford, making our service pretty hard to turn down. 

I get my own territory. Fact or fiction? 

Fact! When you invest in an About Face Cabinetry franchise, you will receive an exclusive territory of between 500,000 and 1,000,000 people! This gives you the perfect opportunity to develop and grow your franchise and win as many clients as possible. We want you to succeed and really own your area as a franchisee, which is why we offer such a broad territory for you to get stuck into!

About Face Cabinetry is waiting to hear from potential franchisees today. Fact or fiction? 

Fact! We’re at an extremely exciting phase of our growth at present, and we’re on the lookout to welcome franchisees to join us. If you think you have what it takes to succeed as an About Face Cabinetry franchisee, visit our dedicated franchising website, or give us a call today at 386-387-3802. 

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