Five Compelling Reasons Why About Face Cabinetry Has Strong Potential Returns for Savvy Franchisees

11 Oct, 2021
Five Compelling Reasons Why About Face Cabinetry Has Strong Potential Returns for Savvy Franchisees 

So many of us dream of being our own bosses and running our own businesses. But not all of us have the means (or inclination) to turn our business dreams into reality. 

And this, we believe, is precisely where a successful franchise comes in. 

About Face Cabinetry is a sustainable, established, and successful franchise specializing in remodeling kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Our franchisees are renowned for their attention to detail, exceptional service delivery, and commitment to customer care. 

But what’s behind their success? And how do they grow and evolve their franchise business? 

To answer these questions and to help you see why franchising might just be the perfect opportunity you’ve been looking for; we’ve put together five compelling reasons why investing in an About Face Cabinetry has strong potential returns. 

Ready to dive in? Let’s go! 

1. A Proven, Low-Cost Business Model 

Something that often holds franchisees back is the costs associated with running their business. But About Face Cabinetry bucks this trend. 

Through an effective, streamlined business model, franchisees operate with low overheads and don’t need to carry an extensive inventory, keeping running costs down. 

And the fact that the business has a 75-80% close rate means that the profit margins are lucrative. The result? A sustainable, low-cost business model that will be the foundation for your success. 

2. An Innovative Solution to Kitchen and Bathroom Design 

Did you know that 95% of cabinets can be restored to their former glory? About Face Cabinetry franchisees work to save their clients time, money, and mess. 

What’s not to like about that? 

When homeowners become aware that their cabinets can be remodeled instead of replaced, they almost always want to know more about our innovative solution to kitchen and bathroom design. 

3. Centralized, Industry-Specific Marketing 

Critical to the success of About Face Cabinetry’s growth has been a centralized, targeted marketing campaign that has attracted the attention of potential clients and franchisees alike. 

When you take the opportunity to work with us, we invite you to participate in our successful marketing strategy and help your job prospects grow and evolve as you add to your portfolio of clients. 

While independent, geography-driven marketing by each franchisee is crucial, we will never leave you out to dry! Our marketing specialists drive the business forward and ensure you feel well supported when looking for clients in your chosen area. 

4. Exceptional Onboarding and Ongoing Support 

About Face Cabinetry’s onboarding process for new franchisees makes you feel comfortable and confident in your new role. Our initial training covers setting up, launching, and then running the day-to-day of your new business. 

But it doesn’t end there. 

A team of dedicated field supervisors is also on hand to support our franchisees and make on-site visits to assist with service delivery. As a result, franchisees have the structure and mechanisms in place to ensure they feel supported and capable. 

5. Sales & Customer Service Representation 

When you buy into a franchise, you will almost certainly question how you’re going to make sales and drive your business forward. This is the case even when you become part of an established and successful franchise like About Face Cabinetry.

This is why we dedicate substantial resources to introducing you to tried-and-tested sales techniques that will build your confidence and land you clients in your locale. 

We’re also extremely committed to maintaining exceptional standards of customer service and care. Ensuring all of our franchisees work from the same playbook guarantees that our customers can hold us to account and that the standard of our work never slips. 

Invest in Your Future Today 

About Face Cabinetry provides franchisees with the perfect opportunity to build a sustainable, profitable business without needing to start everything from scratch. 

If you like what you’ve heard, you can invest in your future today by reaching out to our head office. Or call us toll-free on 386-387-3802. 

We look forward to working with you. 

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