Top 3 Reasons Why About Face Cabinetry is the Franchise for You

19 Oct, 2021
Those looking to break into the franchise space are often faced with endless questions. Where do I begin? Who do I go with? How do I choose a franchise that will be both enjoyable and make me money?

Understandably, it can all be a bit overwhelming!

Luckily, those who dream of becoming their own boss don’t have to figure everything out on their own. Today on the blog, About Face Cabinetry is going to explain our top 3 reasons why starting up a franchise with us could very well be an exciting – and lucrative – business decision.

Reason 1: Low Initial Investment
So, you’re thinking about a career change, huh? Lots of people are! With a topsy-turvy economy and unstable job market, there has never been a better time to explore franchising options with a reputable home improvement company like About Face Cabinetry. 

And while many potential investors are wary of start-up costs, there’s really no need to be. Franchisees with About Face Cabinetry never face unknown or hidden fees. In fact, we clearly outline the financials on our website for public viewing!

There are two sides of the coin (so to speak) when it comes to initial financing.
  1. Investment
  2. Costs
New franchisee partners will need to have liquid assets in the amount of $75,000. In addition, we ask that your net worth be at least $100,000. The estimated Minimum Initial Investment is $57,450. Keep in mind, this does include the franchise fee.

To recap:
  • $35,000 franchise fee
  • Own $75,000 in liquid assets
  • Have a net worth of $100,000
If you are reading those numbers and thinking, “Wow. I get to run my own business and start making an income ASAP, for less than it costs to buy a house?” you would be correct! Compared to building a company from scratch, franchises tend to boast a quicker return on investment (ROI). They also cost less to get going.

Whereas most new businesses fail to make money until their second year, an About Face Cabinetry franchise let’s you start earning from day one. 

Pretty sweet deal!

Reason 2: Minimal Inventory Required

Here at About Face Cabinetry, we know what our customers want. As such, we have decided to go with a no-showroom business model.

What does that mean?

As a franchise partner, you won’t be expected to pay rent on a showroom. There is no building headquarters or office space that requires stockpiles of product. Instead, we use a direct-to-customer (DTC) business model that makes shopping easy and convenient for your customers.

This is good for a few reasons. It keeps your costs down, allows you to deliver quality service at half the price, and leaves more time for you to actually run your business.

No need to get bogged down in day-to-day showroom tours…customers can just head online and browse at their leisure. Building electricity, heating, security – all obsolete with a DTC model.

Reason 3: Ongoing Support from the Pros

Lastly, all About Face Cabinetry franchisees can expect us to stand behind them, 100%! After all, your success is our success. Our team is ready to provide you with:
  • A three-phase training program
  • Industry-specific marketing strategies
  • Exclusive territories
  • Unique franchise support services
Ready to Join Us?

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